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When Metals inside the hair mix with oxidants from hair colors and lighteners, a negative chemical reaction is created which can lead to unreliable color results and hair breakage. Metal Detox removes metal from the hair, reducing the likelihood of breakage by 87% and guaranteeing color reliability.

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Charlie LeMindu

Hair Artist

How will metal detox change your pro life?

“Metal Detox is going to change my pro life because I won’t be scared to go to the extreme with lightening, balayage, and coloration.”

Describe your Metal Detox Results using 3 words:

“Exciting, surprising and reassuring. Exciting because I know I can go to the extreme. Surprising, because after four lightener processes, I see no hair in the sink. And reassuring for me, and for my clients because I know I can take care of their hair.”

How did you clients react to Metal Detox?

“My client was really surprised, as after an extreme change, her hair texture was perfect.”



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