We invite you to join us on our Hair Fashion Tour

Join us for Hair Fashion Tour 2020 in Milan, Italy and experience exceptional education by hand-picked international artists, who will stimulate, motivate and inspire you with the latest trends and techniques to bring into your salon. You’re invited to attend the International Grand Final of Color & Style Trophy, participate in memorable learning experiences pushing the pro difference with massive hands-on sessions by the best international line up creating engagement & love of the brand. The artists use classical and advanced cutting and coloring techniques to challenge and stimulate creative thinking. Join us in celebrating traditional Italian fare, music and dancing and engulf yourself in the unique culture Italy has to offer. Milan is truly an industrial city enriched with energy, history and celebrated tradition! The Global Experience Tour stylist ticket price is $7,500 or 500,000 LEVEL Loyalty Points and the companion ticket price cost is $3,500 or 233,340 LEVEL Loyalty Points.

Tour Agenda

Saturday, March 28th 
Travel from US to Italy (overnight) 

Sunday, March 29th 
Arrive in Italy & Welcome Cocktail Party (entire group) 

Monday, March 30th 
Group Activity/Dinner
Tuesday, March 31st 
Hair Fashion Tour: Education Seminar, Color & Style Trophy Final

Wednesday, April 1st  
Hair Fashion Tour: Education Seminar

Thursday, April 2nd 
Free Day, Explore Milan, PM Group Activity

Friday, April 3rd 
Depart Milan