Promoting a Treatment Culture

One-on-one chat with Adam and Eve Salon.

We sat down with Marissa Lupinacci Farda, A L’Oreal Professionnel Artist and Creative Director for Adam and Eve Salon in Scarsdale, NY, on how to promote a successful treatment culture.

L'Oréal Professionnel:What do you like about the new Powermix?

Marissa Lupinacci Farda: I love the new packaging and the fact that we’re able to display them in the backbar area. Clients can now see them and ask about them right away. Plus, the precise application allows us to control the inventory more closely because stylists are all using the same amount.


LP: Do you feel that Powermix creates an experience with the client?

MF: This treatment really makes the client feel special because you’re mixing right in front of him or her. It shows that you’re making the extra effort to get the client’s hair in great shape.

LP: Are there certain clients that you find are more loyal to getting treatments every time they come to the salon?

MF: Our color clients are very into treatments, especially if it’s going to bring out the shine in their hair color. About 90% of color clients get a Powermix at the end of their service—both women and men. We also make sure to recommend treatments to clients who have curly, dry or brittle hair.

LP: Do you offer any specific promotions with Powermix?

MF: To get clients hooked on Powermix, we offer their first treatment complimentary. Once they’ve tried it, they ask for it at their next service. We also do treatment cards for our clients where their fifth treatment is free. This helps build loyalty.

LP: Why is your staff so motivated to make treatments such an important part of the client’s service?

MF: Aside from the fact that we offer a retail program [commission for retail and treatment sales], we educate that treatments are part of your job description. As a hairdresser, it is your responsibility to finish the service correctly—ending with an in-salon Powermix treatment and at-home products that continue to protect the hair.