Holiday Season Success

One-on-one chat with The Color Café Hair Studio.

We sat down with Kim Sclafani, a L’Oreal Professionnel Artist and the owner of The Color Café Hair Studio in Greenwich, CT (and fourth time winner of Best of the Gold Coast Connecticut), on how to utilize the holiday season to build loyalty and trust with clients.

L'Oréal Professionnel: Do you do anything special for your clients during the holiday season?

Kim Sclafani: For the month of December, all of our clients get a gift of appreciation. This past year we gifted little jewelry dishes with a beautiful salon quote in them. Like, “What happens in the salon stays in the salon.” We put them in beautiful bags with Color Café tags on them. Everyone loved them.

LP: Have you done any holiday in-salon promotions?

KS: We do a simple promotion. If a client purchases a shampoo, conditioner and leave-in, we give them a complimentary fourth product or a complimentary Powermix during their next service.
To guarantee that initial purchase, we put a different perspective on the hard sell. We give the client a choice, opposed to saying this is what you have to buy. We give her a recommendation of four products, saying, “This is what your hair needs. Take what you would like.” Nine times out of ten, they will buy at least two out of the four products.

LP: Do you do any special incentives to encourage your stylists to retail during the holiday season?

KS: During the holiday season, we often do competitions to see who can sell the most treatments or retail and give additional bonuses on top of their commission.

LP: What advice do you give your stylists on retailing?

KS: Try to think of yourself as a business person who happens to do hair and not a hairdresser who has to sell. Because every time you are passionate about something and you love what you do, it just comes naturally. It doesn’t feel like a sale.
I tell my stylists, “You have to believe in everything that you say and do. You want your clients’ hair to look its best.” Because if their hair still looks great four or five weeks when they come back, that’s when you have their loyalty.