Consultations With Purpose

One-on-one chat with H Studio.

We sat down with Heather and Kevin Krohn, owners of H Studio in Southern California, to discuss the secret to retail success: building a conversation centered around Perfect Salon Hair Every Day.

L'Oréal Professionnel: Does your salon have any tips on how to do a successful consultation?

H Studio: Our philosophy and culture is healthy hair first. It doesn’t matter what cut or color they’re asking for. If the hair is damaged, it won’t look pretty. We sit each of our clients down, facing eye-to-eye—never through a mirror. We discuss how we can prolong the beauty of their hair in between visits.

LP: When do you offer in-salon treatments?

HS: We offer in-salon treatments to every client, starting from their first visit. If you don’t offer a treatment the very first time and then you do on their second visit, the client thinks that you are trying to upsell them. But when you always recommend a treatment, they understand that it is essential to maintaining their results after they leave the salon.

LP: What do you say to convince a client of a treatment’s benefits?

HS: During the consultation, we describe the service—the color, the cut, and the treatment you need to finish and maintain the results. The treatment isn’t an option or additional add-on. It’s essential for lasting results because it doesn’t wash off the first time you wash your hair.

LP: What is one simple trick in guaranteeing a retail purchase?

HS: It’s important to come from a place of confidence and education when recommending products. Explain what the product does vs. a statement of “You should get this.” These are the products you need to guarantee that your hair looks good six weeks from now—not just for the next three days.

LP: How do you make sure a client maintains gorgeous salon hair when they leave the salon?

KS: We help to curate an at-home regimen for our clients. A client needs at least five products to style and maintain hair health. Purchasing five products at once can be intimidating so we keep track of a client’s purchases and help to complete their regimen over multiple visits to the salon.

LP: The client/stylist relationship is very special and personal. How do your stylists keep the focus on hair?

HS: When the conversation goes personal, we always say, “Okay, let’s talk about your hair.” Our priority is their hair. “Let me be your hair coach.” We want our clients to know that we’re on their team. We want the same things they want out of their hair.