It’s All In the Gloss

One-on-one chat with Julius Michael Scarsdale Hair Salon.

We sat down with Julius Michael, the owner of Julius Michael Salon in Scarsdale, NY and a celeb stylist, to discuss the importance of servicing your clients with Majirel and DIA.

L'Oréal Professionnel: How do you convert a cutting or styling client to try hair color?

Julius Michael: When giving a new look, I always suggest adding color to really bring out the cut. By even just adding baby lights, it brings everything together. I encourage all my stylists to, at the very least, add a DIA Richesse service because it beautifully brings out the natural highlights, while closing the cuticle and adding warmth.

LP: Is there one specific non-color client you give a DIA Richesse service to?

JM: It’s perfect for camouflaging gray. It makes the hair look more alive and seals it—leaving the hair shiny and more conditioned [which is important because gray hair can be more coarse]. Plus, there is no regrowth—it stays over time and washes out very softly. [It doesn’t leave a line of demarcation.] There is little maintenance.

LP: What are the benefits of glossing between services?

JM: Over time the color oxidizes and DIA Light helps to tone down that oxidation. I recommend my clients come in every 3-5 weeks to extend their color service. It really freshens up the color and brings highlights back to life.

LP: How can adding demi-permanent hair color to your salon grow your business?

JM: You’re able to serve all color clients. Some clients are intimidated by the commitment of permanent hair color. For clients who have never colored their hair, they have a fear of coming in every 4 to 6 weeks. And if they want to stop the cycle, they feel their only option is to grow out their hair. DIA is the perfect first step for a client to experiment with color.

LP: Demi-permanent color is a way to maintain trust with your clients. Do you have any other tips for building loyalty?

JM: I care about how my clients look after they leave my salon. I tell them, I’m here to make you feel the best that you can. And I tell them how to maintain their look at home. It’s more about what the client is using when they leave you. They may love the style you gave them, but it’s important they know how to finish it at home. The product breakdown is essential.