How to Grow Your Business

One-on-one chat with Ketér Salon.

Expert Tips on How to Grow Your Business

We sat down with Diana Gordon, owner of Ketér Salon in Berkeley, CA, to discuss how she has grown her business with education, upselling color services, and retail.

How has L’Oreal Professionnel helped you grow your business?

Number 1: The L’Oreal Professionnel Academy. My stylists come back from the Academy classes with so much energy and excitement and this really helps keep the positivity and enthusiasm alive in my salon. I highly recommend that salon owners bring their stylists together as a group so you can all experience a class together and motivate each other when back in the salon. The Strictly Business in-salon class that L’Oreal Professionnel offers is also an incredible tool that I recommend for anyone who wants to grow their business.

Do you have any tips on how to upsell a color service?

As hairdressers, it is up to us to recommend what is on trend and keeping our clients as engaged in all things beauty as we are as hairdressers. While you should always be recommending a glossing service using DIA Light with every color service, you might have a client who only comes in for a routine root touch up appointment. You could recommend trying out a face frame highlight to that client and in 2 years, they could be getting full highlights because of what you had recommended just a few years earlier.

When do you discuss additional color services or retail purchasing with the client?

You definitely do not want to wait until the end of an appointment to start talking about retail. You want to talk about it early and often, especially when it comes to maintaining color. Your responsibility as a hairdresser is to educate the client on maintenance for their new color. I once had a client who came back to me a couple months after her first color appointment with extremely dry hair and I asked her why she wasn’t using the leave-in conditioner I had recommended to her. After my client responded that she had run out of the product, I made sure that she left with at least two bottles to hold her over until her next appointment.

How do you ensure that your clients walk out with retail?

Would you walk out of your doctor’s office without the prescription they just recommended? Same thing goes for your hair maintenance. It is our job as hairdressers to give our clients the information they need to maintain their new color. When you look at it that way, it’s hard to say no to a retail product!

What is your best piece of advice for salon owners trying to grow their business?

Treat your staff very well. If you can create your culture and have your staff believe in and embody this culture, then they will protect the culture and you will be successful. To be a successful salon owner, you have to lead with empathy and the best way to do this is by understanding what it’s like to be on the other side.