Becoming an On-Trend Salon

One-on-one chat with Warren Tricomi Salon.


We sat down with Edward Tricomi, co-owner of the world-renowned NYC salons, Warren Tricomi, to discuss why keeping up with trends including L’Oréal Professionnel IT Looks and now Color Addict, are important to him and his salon, how he keeps his staff engaged with trends, and his predictions for upcoming trends for the year.

What do you do to ensure you remain an on-trend salon?

I understand that the trends stem from art. To get inspiration, I go to museums, films, runway shows; I watch people on the streets and I stay on top of the latest fashions. I use Pinterest to look for and save inspiration for my staff, my clients, and myself. I constantly update my boards with what is new. When you have been in the industry for 50 years, there are so many looks I’ve learned, so it is actually easy to forget what you know. Today’s technology, like Pinterest, allow us to keep track of all of the looks and keep being inspired, to stay on top of trends.

How do you communicate the new trends to your staff?

I teach people how to fish, I don’t feed them fish. I teach my staff to understand how to become inspired so they can develop new trends and interpret the new looks themselves. It’s not always just about hair either, trends can stem from clothing, makeup, and fashion.

What looks do you think are going to be popular in the coming months?

In terms of color, definitely blush tones, metallics, and colorful highlights for summer. These looks can be achieved using metallic and shimmer-based hair colors like Majirel Metals and DIA Metals. In terms of cutting, shorter hair always trends as we go into the spring and summer months.

Do you have any advice for salons who are trying to become more trendy?

Never stop learning. Go study architecture, art history, geography, science and more! All kinds of things relate to the job of hairdressing and can inspire you to bring a different dimension to the work you create every day. Take the energy you receive from music, art, science, and history and make it work for hair. Fashion history is a very important part to hairdressing so I recommend getting the book, “In Vogue: An Illustrated History of the World’s Most Famous Fashion Magazine” to constantly look at for inspiration and to really give you a holistic view of fashion history.

SALON OWNER TIP: Why is the bathroom the most important part to a salon? This is where your client has no distractions and can really judge the space of your salon. The success is in the details so every detail in your salon needs to be perfect.