How To Protect Color-Treated Hair

Simple steps to prevent fading and damage.

When you are changing your haircolor, you may be concerned about damaging your hair. In order to ensure that your hair is protected from damage and keeps its natural strength, follow these steps:

1- At-home Color Protection

Your haircolor experience doesn’t end at the salon. Make sure you get the best advice regarding haircare products for color-treated hair that you should use at home. Incorporate color fade prevention into your beauty routine and your hair will stay luminous and healthy looking day after day.

2- Cut Down on the Heating Tools

After receiving a color service, let your hair catch its breath and keep your heat styling tools locked away for a bit. When you do take out your blow dryer, curling iron or flat iron, make sure you use the right heat protection products and follow up with leave-in treatments such as oils or creams.

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