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Personalized treatment services to combat hair damage

Advanced long-lasting hair care system designed to treat damaged hair

There are 4 Pro Fiber ranges that support hair damage treatment:
ReviveRestoreRecover, and Re-Create. Each range targets a certain level of damage.
The Pro Fiber long-lasting hair care system consists of two parts:

  1. In-salon treatment to initiate the system
  2. At-home routine to maintain the results until the next salon visit

The 4 Pro Fiber Ranges:
- Revive: For slightly damaged hair. Hair looks dry and/or rough, color is less vibrant and has less shine. This level of damage can result from demi-permanent color and mechanical damage.*

- Restore: For damaged hair. Hair typically looks rough and/or uneven, has split ends, and color is oxidized and dull. This level of damage can result from permanent color and/or highlights and mechanical damage.*

- Recover: For very damaged hair. Hair has disintegrating strands, is breaking, color is very faded and matte. This level of damage can result from permanent color and/or highlights and mechanical damage*.

- Re-Create: For hair thinned by damage. Hair is brittle, hollow, lifeless, and broken by damage. This level of damage can result from permanent color and/or highlights, extreme chemical and mechanical damage.*

*Mechanical damage can be caused by heat styling tools, such as: blow-dryers, flat irons, and/or curling irons.

Who is Pro Fiber right for?

The Pro Fiber hair care system is for the client who is looking for a consistent routine to eliminate damage and maintain the upmost quality of her hair. She often changes her haircolor and uses heat tools and requires extra support for her hair.

The perfect combinationinside and out

APTYL 100: Pro Fiber’s revolutionary compound is a combination of two molecules: aminosilane, which strengthens and reinforces the hair fiber up to the cortex and a cationic polymer, which resurfaces the cuticle for a soft and silky feel.

Ensure efficacy and success with a proper diagnosis

Continue the Pro Fiber hair diagnosis with a comprehensive and on-going client consultation to help familiarize your clients with the products and drive retail purchases.

Follow these simple steps:
1. Using the Pro Fiber Diagnosis App, engage in a Q + A
Ask your client what type of color services or styles she has done in the past and how often.

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2. Damage Test
Take a thin strand of hair and slowly run your fingers from roots to ends. Feel for any irregularity of the hair fiber.

3. Thinning Test
Take a vertical strand of hair between two fingers. Pulling outward at a 90 degree angle, look for thinning of the hair at the ends.

4. Discuss & Recommend
After doing the tests, share with your client which Pro Fiber range will address her level of damage.

Pro Fiber Treatment Instructions

While each of the four Pro Fiber ranges address different levels of hair damage, they all follow the same treatment protocol.

  1. 1



    Prep hair by shampooing twice. Rinse and towel-dry.

  2. 2



    Apply 0.5 fl.oz. (15ml) of Concentrate in a “S” shape on mid-lengths and ends. Work the treatment upwards with fingers. Do not rinse.

  3. 3



    Layer 0.75 fl.oz. (23 ml) of Renew Activating Masque on top of the Concentrate. Leave on for 5 minutes. NOTE: The ratio of Concentrate to Renew Activating Masque should always be 1 : 1.5. The amount of Concentrate and Renew Activating Masque may increase or decrease based on the length of the hair.

  4. 4



    Add water to emulsify. Rinse out thoroughly. Blow-dry and style. NOTE: Apply the leave-in before heat styling.

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  2. 2
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Use Pro Fiber to Grow Your Business!

Increase your monthly revenue by $880 or more!

Based on performing 22 treatments with a $40 suggested treatment price (varies by market).

Pro Fiber FAQ

What is Aptyl 100? How does the technology actually work? Aptyl 100 is a compound of two molecules: aminosilane and a cationic polymer.  Aminosilane is a silicium compound, known for its ability to not only rebuild the cortex deep down but also reinforce the hair structure by recreating a three-dimensional network.  The cationic polymer acts as a sheath, covering the surface of the hair in a protective film, leaving a soft and silky feel. Furthermore, this highly cationic polymer is loaded with positive charges, which means it is attracted to negatively-charged areas of damaged hair.

Healthy hair fiber has a naturally negative charge.  As the hair fiber’s protective lipids are stripped away, the negative charge grows stronger, resulting in frizz, rough texture, split-ends, and breakage.  Aptyl 100 is a positively-charged molecule that targets these damaged areas of the hair fiber, fortifying hair from within and instantly resurfacing for soft and smooth hair.

Why are the dosage and ratio so important? The prescribed ratio of 1 part Concentrate to 1.5 parts Renew Activating Masque ensure optimal performance.  Otherwise, the hair could be left feeling weighed down.

During the in-salon treatment, do I have to use the Concentrate and Renew Activating Masque together? Yes, both products are needed for the in-salon treatment following the shampoo.  Each product has different ingredients that contribute to the cosmetic and long-lasting results of the treatment.  The treatment must be layered with the Concentrate first, followed by the Renew Activating Masque.

Can Pro Fiber be used following a color service or highlights? Yes, it is possible following a color service or highlights.  Instead of washing twice with the Pro Fiber shampoo, first wash with a post-color shampoo and use the appropriate Pro Fiber shampoo for the second wash.