31,500 $



Color Classes |

Certify your salon with Our Color Certification


Abbie Addotta,


Alexa Joly,


Ashley Zajac,


Brooke Evans,


Carlo Novoa,


Christy Cosgrove,


Sean Stotts,


Shelley Mohr,


Suzie Bond,



  • Metal tail comb - wide and fine teeth
  • Detangling comb
  • Cutting comb
  • 8 duck bill clips
  • 4 butterfly clips
  • Round styling brushes - L-S
  • Paddle brush
  • Professional hair dryer
  • Color apron
  • Water bottle

Introducing the L’Oréal Professionnel Academy Color Certification on location. Our celebrated Artists will teach your team of colorists the classes that comprise our three-step Color certification program in your salon.

* Color Encounter: 2-day class
* Color Connection: 2-day class
* Color Commitment: 2-day class
* Demonstration on live models
* Hands-on mannequin sessions
* Facilitated by the sought-after Academy Color Council
* Certification is for 20 of your salon’s employees. Additional attendees will incur an additional per person cost.
* The 3 classes are suggested to be spaced at least two-months apart, to mimic the Academy formats.
* The cost is $31,500 or 2,100,000 Level Loyalty Points.

Salon to Provide
* Ellie Mannequins – Pivot Point. One mannequin per attendee
* 100% cotton
* Foils
* Large L’Oréal Professionnel planchettes
* Small L’Oréal Professionnel brushes
* (6) 40 volume Majicrème Developer
* (20) Blond Studio Nutri-Developer 40-Volume
* Platinium doser/measuring spoon/whisk
* L’Oréal Professionnel Shakers
* L’Oréal Professionnel Platinium bowls
* Blond Studio Multi-Techniques Powder
* Blond Studio Platinium Plus
* Blond Studio Platinium Ammonia-Free
* Blond Studio Majimèches

Programs are designed for one salon and employees or independent stylists located in that salon. Tickets may not be sold to other salons for quality control purposes.