Do you ever run into challenges when it comes to adding a gloss onto your client’s service? Here, you will discover new ways to naturally bring up the subject, increase your service ticket, and leave clients happy with shiny, healthy hair.


The Perks of a Gloss

Gloss can be compared to a manicure’s topcoat. Would you ever dream of leaving the nail salon without one? Well, here are the reasons why a guest should never leave your salon without a gloss:

Fresh & Even. A DIA Light gloss treatment will extend the vibrancy of your client’s hair color, keeping it salon fresh for up to 6 weeks! If your client is looking for a quick fix to bring their color back to a balanced tone (apart from their new growth), a gloss is also a great way to do just that.

Close the Cuticle. Finishing your client’s hair color service with a gloss is the only way to close the cuticle, locking in the color and allowing for smoother, shinier hair. While their hair color application will give them their desired color result, a gloss service will give them that jaw dropping, light reflecting off their hair shine. Lastly, since our hair can become damaged from heat, excessive brushing and the environment, a gloss acts as a protector with its deep conditioning elements that coat the hair (it also cuts down blow-dry time!)

Enhance or Neutralize. With the DIA Light Milkshakes, you can either brighten your client’s blonde or remove unwanted warmth.


How to Start the Conversation

The best way to bring up gloss naturally is during the consultation with your guest. The types of questions below can help you navigate what services they need:

  1. "Do you like your current color?" If they feel their hair is too warm/red then glossing can neutralize these unwanted tones. Too cool? Then glossing can add warmth.

  2. "Are you happy with the way your hair looks 3-4 weeks after a color service?" If their color tends to show signs of oxidation, then add a glossing service to their permanent service to help protect their color. A gloss can also be added to a haircut or blow dry service if they come in between color services.

  3. "What would you change about your hair if you could?"  For example, if they hate seeing yellow in their hair, neutralize it with DIA Light using violet.



Things to Remember

Your guests look to you for hair color and care advice.

Colorists sometimes pre-judge a guest and decide for them they can’t afford gloss and therefore don’t offer it.

Always give the option to your guest and explain to them the benefits of gloss as it relates to improving the longevity of their color service and most importantly for achieve the tonal value the guest is looking for.

Let them decide for themselves if they want to add that extra shine and protection for their hair!

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A Word from our Artists

“Balayage gives my clients the lift they’re looking for, but the gloss is what gives their hair a unique look and feel. There are so many options when it comes to gloss- it’s the perfect way to make your client’s color more customizable,” says Alyssa Adams of Brass Fields Salon & Spa, “To get my clients invested, I tell them that the gloss is what will give their hair the tone they’re after. Even if they are going for a more raw look, a clear gloss is guaranteed to add shine and kick their color up a notch!”


Kelli Hovey, of Blanc Noir Hairdressing says a great tip is to include their gloss in the price: “I include gloss as a part of my Balayage pricing since it’s a part of the application. I also invite my clients to come in 6-8 weeks after their appointment to maintain their hair color with their customized gloss. It’s a great way to retain your clients and make sure they always feel their best.”