Glow up Your Hair Color


Bringing the glow-from-within beauty trend to hair color with the latest technology, we introduce Majirel GLOW. GLOW services speak to clients in a familiar, trend-focused way. With a complete collection of shades for light and dark bases. Majirel GLOW gives clients what they’re already seeking within beauty with your expertise.

Learn three new GLOW Up Color Services to create the next trend in hair color.

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For your hair cut client who is new to hair color. Achieve dimension and prismatic shine with a Balayage or global application technique. With no need to pre-lighten hair and a trend clients readily understand, GLOW is a great way to introduce your clients to permanent color.

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GLOW Lights

For your existing Balayage or highlight client, a GLOW Lights service can offer her something even more customized. Achieve tripled dimension and neutralization all while adding prismatic shine and avoiding unwanted depth. Using techniques such as Balayage, foil highlighting, or lowlighting on select pieces, you can achieve your perfect GLOW Lights look.

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GLOW Refresh

For your existing color client who wants to glow up her routine -introduce the GLOW Refresh. Use Majirel GLOW as the global color or pull-through mid-lengths and ends to achieve refreshed tone and neutralization without added depth.

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GLOW Revision

For your color correction client, offer a GLOW Revision service. Majirel GLOW’s tone-focused formula will deliver a neutralized result to even the warmest bases. “Use Majirel GLOW for it superior capability for cool tonal deposit. Even on the warmest base, Majirel GLOW delivers a neutralized result I know I can rely on,” said Artist for this look Sebastian Langman-Kirtley.

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