Majirel Metals

MAJIREL | 1.7 oz.

  • 3 Shades

Metallic Results with Majirel Technology


  • Up to 20 minutes


✔1:2 Color to Developer Mixing Ratio

✔20-volume Majicrème Developer


• Ionène G™ 
• Incell™ complex
• Strengthen & reinforce hair from the inside out

For metallic results with incredible Majirel permanent technology, use new Majirel Metals in Amethyst .22/VV, Platinum .12/BV and Rose Gold .24/VC. These shades have high reflect concentration, intense visibility and shine, and are perfectly pre-blended to create metallic hair color with one tube.

Metallic hair is growing rapidly across social media platforms such as Instagram and Pinterest. Harness the best technology and create the amazing results your clients are looking for.

For best results, use on pre-lightened pale yellow hair or lighter. Mix a 2:1 ratio with Majicreme Developer 20-vol.

Get inspired with three on-trend metallic looks using our Majirel Metals shades. Visit Majirel Metals How To

Download the Majirel Color Chart
Download the Majirel Metals Specialized Protocol
Download the L'Oréal Professionnel Color Theory Chart

3 Shades

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