A client comes in for a hair color consultation. You effortlessly deliver the perfect talking points about INOA that truly solves their problem. In addition to your client leaving happier, you’re happier with a higher ticket. Win, win right?

At least this is how an INOA color consultation should be. Instead, most of us find ourselves somewhat uncomfortable in these situations. Maybe we’re confused about which talking points to bring up or stressed about not wanting to come off too sales-y.

This color consultation guide will help you feel more confident and will take the guesswork out of what to say when upselling INOA.

Our goal is help you feel naturally confident every time you talk about INOA. That way, your client will feel taken care of and thank you for keeping their best interest at heart.

Below, read the best tips for consulting with your clients from L’Oreal Professionnel artists.

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Talk About Technology

As a technology savvy culture, we live in an age where everything we do is touched by technology. Most of us want the latest and greatest. Which makes this the #1 selling point for INOA.

Jennifer Luszczak says, “We are surrounded by technology, and most of us want the latest and greatest. To me this is the #1 selling point about INOA . It has patented technology making it a revolutionary ammonia-free permanent hair color. It helps heal hair and tame unruly textures, while adding incredible shine.” She continues, “Clients can visibly see the difference by looking at the color bowl or feeling the lack of irritation and zero odor. They will notice that their color is much longer lasting because the cuticle is only slightly raised, allowing our Oil Delivery System to drive the color deeper into the hair.”


Show and Tell

INOA sells itself when clients hear the benefits they receive and are willing to pay a higher price for zero smell, zero irritation, and long lasting shine and color.

Jennifer Luszczak  explains, “I always utilize all of the senses. They can see the shine of the actual color in the bowl, as well as see and touch it on the hair. There is no odor, or scalp irritation. Another point I like to tell salons is that you will notice that there is little color that is rinsed out of the hair. You only see a milky film because our Oil Delivery System locks more of the color molecules deeper into the hair, preventing excess fading.”


Sell the Versatility

INOA is truly the gentle approach to permanent color. Sebastian Langman-KirtleyOwner of The Keep in Cape Cod, gives even more reason INOA is the right choice:

"INOA is not an oxygenated hair color, it works best when laying very flat against the scalp. For the best coverage of gray, I apply INOA in the direction of the hairs natural growth patterns.

For subtle, tone on tone dimension, I frequently hand paint soft highlights using INOA clear which gives a subtle lift. INOA clear also works well in corrective situations shifting out built up tone with less aggression that a color remover.

When formulating for redheads, I ask the client how committed they are to keeping the color. If they are in it for the long run, I pick INOA.”




Feel limitless with INOA! L’Oréal Professionnel partnered with a diverse group of behind the chair artists to hear how INOA has changed the game for them and their clients. Discover why these hairdressers choose INOA every day.



REVOLUTIONIZE Your Client’s Hair with INOA



We talked with Suzie Bond as to why she chose to live the difference with INOA. She explained, “It’s all about the product performance. Whether it’s grey coverage, vibrancy, durability, and of course the care for the hair.“