Instant Highlights Salon Company BUSINESS PLAN

L'Oréal Professionnel wants to be your partner in growing your salon company. We’ve launched Instant Highlights Express Lightening System to grow your service business by expanding the express add-on services in the lightening category. Learn more about how to be successful with this system below.

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Whether you work in a commission salon, booth rent, or are a suite-style business, we want to ensure your success with Instant Highlights and incorporating express lightening services to grow your business.

We’ve partnered with our diverse team of experts to bring you tailored tips and tricks.

Artists Daniel Mason Jones and Joshua Rossignol own and work behind the chair in two highly successful commission salons.

Artist Ashley Zajac is a departmentalized colorist and offers insight into getting the clients that aren’t getting color services.

Artist Chelsea James runs a beautiful blended salon and also works behind the chair. She can offer insight into running a salon business with booth renters and commission based stylists.

And last but not least, we have tapped Travis Parker who owns and operates his suite style business without a receptionist or assistant.

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Insta-Service Pricing

The Instant Highlights Express Professional Lightening System is designed to enable faster partial highlighting and Balayage services. We asked our Artists to shed light on how they would price these services in their Salon Companies so that you may find the best choice for yours.

Chelsea James recommends a like-as pricing, “I charge the same for the partial highlighting and face frame. So, no matter if I do 5 or 15 foils, the Instant Highlights service will be priced equal to my partial.

Shelley Gregory and Ashley Zajac charge different pricing for their different partial services and would price Instant Highlights by the amount of highlights needed for that client.

Joshua Rossignol enforces the necessity to think about your service menu prices. He says, “Don’t discount yourself. Charge the same as you normally would for a partial highlight. Just because you are saving the client time, does not mean discounted pricing for our expertise and services.”

We also spoke with Travis Parker who prices his services based on time. He adds, “How much time does it take you? Pay yourself for that time. Know your income per hour. Understand the length and density of your client’s hair and also how intricate of a technique you are executing. It’s bespoke pricing for the full service, not just the highlight. Blow dry included.”

Service Menu Options

Make sure Express Partial Lightening has its moment in your Salon Company by incorporating beautiful service menu options that entice your clients!

From contouring to face-framing to balayage to pastelage – check out our service and technique recommendations here.

“I am marketing Instant Highlights as a Flash Service,” Chelsea James tells us. Ashley Zajac is doing the same with the addition of services like “Lunch Lights” – a haircut and highlight that can happen in an hour lunch break.

“Clients are always on the go. Instant Highlights makes getting a refreshed look faster and more simple. I could do a cut, foil and blow-dry in an hour,” says Daniel Mason Jones.

Incorporating these services is made simpler by the sleek Heating Iron and 3 oz. tube of Crème Lightener. “I never have to leave my client to go to the back bar. Everything I need is right at my station to make those quick services happen. It’s hasn’t taken me more than 10 minutes to get my highlights on and off for a face frame with Instant Highlights,” Joshua Rossignol offers.

Marketing & Promotions

Promote the latest innovation in lightening and grow your service revenue!

“Word of mouth alone has been amazing because the service is so new and different. I executed an Instant Highlights Face Frame service on one client and was referred to her friends because she had such an amazing experience and great results,” Joshua Rossignol says.

Daniel Mason Jones adds, “There is so much opportunity to create social media content and promotions around this system – it looks so elevated and unique that it will capture your client’s attention and promote them coming into the salon for another visit.” Follow @lorealproeducationus on Instagram and L'Oréal Professionnel on Facebook to repost our content!

It’s showing itself off! Shelley Gregory comments on the booth renter environment, “In a booth renter environment, everyone is always looking around, asking each other questions to learn from one another. I have had so many stylists and even their clients come over to me while I’m using Instant Highlights. The service looks really cool and elevated, and the client is in an out in no time. It’s perfect to fit at a station – everyone is going to want one.”

For Travis Parker and his suite, he says, “It’s the cherry on top of the production and experience I am already creating for my client – it’s an add-on of the latest innovation with an elegant technique.”

Planning & Booking

Planning for success and booking out your week, month or year is crucial for the growth of your business! Whether you are commission, booth rental, or suite, we asked our Artists for their tips on the best ways to plan.

“From booking an hour for a foil service, you can condense into a 30-minute service and save you time to see more clients. Instant Highlights is going to be the service growth game-changer,” Daniel Mason Jones says.

Working on a flex schedule? Owner Daniel Mason Jones is thrilled to be bringing this option to this kind of staff in his salons. “Stylists working on flex schedules work fewer hours, but Instant Highlights offers the ability to increase their service revenue dollars in that time. They can easily see a 20% increase in a year of promoting and executing Instant Highlights,” he says.

If you have an assistant to help you, take Chelsea James’ advice. “Use Instant Highlights as a ladder service – during someone’s processing time. This way, you are able to book on the 15 minutes and see more clients than before,” she notes.

Booth renter? Shelley Gregory has the tips for you! “At first, focus on the single-process clients in your chair – you already have their attention and it takes no more time in their appointment to do Instant Highlights. For others, even if my client doesn’t have the time or interest in the Instant Highlights service during the current appointment, I will explain all about it and what it would do for their look and book in the time for their next appointment, ” she says.

If you are a one-man-show in a suite style salon, call on Travis Parker. “I book my clients out months in advance. Plan for the incorporation of Instant Highlights Services into your business by understanding how much time you need to execute the service and do it far enough in advance to give yourself the space to incorporate it,” he says. “I’m trying to work fewer days behind the chair and that means increasing my service revenue. Instant Highlights is definitely going to help me in reaching my goal,” he adds.

For departmentalized colorists, Ashley Zajac is your go-to. “Typically, services that require both a stylist and colorist are booked out for 90 minutes. With Instant Highlights, it’s now possible to book out 60-minute appointments for clients visiting both departments. This opens the door to new service opportunities and seeing more and new clients,” she says.


In any type of salon company, teamwork and camaraderie among the stylists are vital for growth.

Booth renter Shelley Gregory tells us, “Working in a booth rental environment, we are always learning from each other and want to see what’s the latest and greatest. When I was using Instant Highlights, my co-workers were instantly excited to be able to get their hands on one.”

Commission Salon Owners Daniel Mason Jones and Joshua Rossignol are excited for the opportunity Instant Highlights offers their staff. “We are always learning, we have a culture of education, and the Instant Highlights launch will be no different,” Jones says. “The ideal situation is that everyone has an Instant Highlights at their station so we can all grow together,” Rossignol adds.

Teamwork is extremely important for the success of this system in departmentalized salons. Ashley Zajac urges all colorists to talk with their counterparts and align on a plan to bring their clients to color service. “The more services a client receives in the salon, the more loyal they are and likely to come back. That is incentive to make more services happen!” Zajac tells us.