Instant Highlights partial lightening services FOR ALL CLIENTS

Create a conversation around express lightening with ease. Our team of L'Oréal Professionnel Artists offer their tips and tricks on consulting with different clients and incorporating Instant Highlights into your day behind the chair.

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Whether you work in a commission salon, booth rent, or are a suite-style business, we want to ensure your success with Instant Highlights and incorporating express lightening services to grow your business.

We’ve partnered with our diverse team of experts to bring you tailored tips and tricks.

Artists Daniel Mason Jones and Joshua Rossignol own and work behind the chair in two highly successful commission salons.

Artist Ashley Zajac is a departmentalized colorist and offers insight into getting the clients that aren’t getting color services.

Artist Chelsea James runs a beautiful blended salon and also works behind the chair. She can offer insight into running a salon business with booth renters and commission based stylists.

And last but not least, we have tapped Travis Parker who owns and operates his suite style business without a receptionist or assistant.

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Own Your Expertise

Chelsea James attributes her close relationship with her clients to spending quality time with her clients before the appointment. She truly partners with them and educates them on their service and anything she recommends for them. And she doesn’t just touch upon their look. “Remember to give transparency around the education that you have as an experienced hairdresser and the kind of investment it requires. I find that it builds trust- my clients really know I always have their best interest at heart. That builds trust,” James says.

Travis Parker emphasizes the uniqueness of the professional. “Instant Highlights is not traditional – and that is what’s making you unique. We are using the latest technology to create the best,” Parker says.

Remember your investment in Instant Highlights and why you made it! “Instant Highlights is different, it’s special, it’s the latest innovation. I always like to give my clients the latest and the best,” Shelley Gregory says.

Heat Objections?

If you’re client is wary that a heating iron is required for the Instant Highlights service, there are a few ways to approach the conversation.

Remind them of the product technology. “The fact that the new crème lightener was formulated to be under this kind of heat, and is infused with an oil, protects the hair. I’m usually extremely wary of heat with any lightener – but I tested Instant Highlights thoroughly and it leaves the hair in incredible condition every time,” Ashley Zajac tells us.

Compare it to other heat processors in the salon environment. “I like to point their attention over to the rollerballs. I assure my clients that the Instant Highlights Heating Iron is just a more efficient version of the rollerball because I can do it in the chair and get them in and out faster,” Joshua Rossignol says.

L'Oréal Professionnel has created this system with safety as the number one priority. “I always remind my clients that I partner with L'Oréal because of their commitment to innovation and safety,” Chelsea James says. “I know my clients and I can rely on their products.”

To ensure you are providing the best service for your client, please follow all directions and use the recommended parts of the system. Read more here.

New to Lightening Services

Instant Highlights is the best system to converting more clients to lightening services!

Daniel Mason Jones suggests being upfront with your guest. “Explain how it works, how long it’s going to take, and people who’ve never gotten a lightening service are the easiest to talk to because they don’t have that level of expectation. Introduce it to those that don’t typically get lightening! It’s the easiest conversation to have!” Mason Jones assures.

Complete her look! Joshua Rossignol loves to create the complete look for his clients at every service. He opens up that conversation by appealing to the current trends or season. “I like to have that easy conversation for what I see for my client. I’ll say ‘It’s summer! This haircut is going to be beautiful, but it will be even better with a few highlights around your face.’ I just want to do what’s best for my client!” Rossignol says.

Try our Face Frame technique “InstaContour”. Learn how here.

Single-Process Client

With a single-process client, absolutely no more time is required to add-on an Instant Highlights Service! While your client’s permanent color is processing at her regrowth, you can apply and process a face frame or contouring highlights.

“My clients that get single-process services are in my chair every 3-5 weeks, and often don’t have time to try the latest and greatest in the service department – even the quickest of treatments. Fortunately, now I have something to offer this clientele because absolutely no extra time is required. Instant Highlights is breaking open the opportunity for more elevated services and looks,” Shelley Gregory says.

Pro Tip: Have the conversation while you’re applying that single process!

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Always in a Rush

“What I really love about Instant Highlights is that you’re giving your client back time. That is the ultimate respect,” Travis Parker says.

“With Instant Highlights, the foils can process in less than half of the typical time. I can execute an entire face frame Instant Highlights Service in the amount of time it normally takes just for the processing,” Shelley Gregory explains.

Daniel Mason Jones commented, “Most of my clientele are extremely busy women. The first question I get asked in the chair is ‘How long is this service going to take?’ So this service is an amazing option to combat the time problem that everyone has these days.”

Gregory has been talking about this system since she heard it was being launched! She says, “Even if my client doesn’t have the time or interest in the Instant Highlights service during the current appointment, I will explain all about it and what it would do for their look. Then, if their interest is peaked, they can book an extra 15 minutes for their next appointment. Use the time that you have your client in your chair to educate them on what you can do!”

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