Glow Up Your Hair Color With Majirel GLOW


A natural glow from within is the latest status symbol. The trend in beauty has changed from obvious contour and highlight to subtle and natural reflective results. Bringing the glow-from-within possibilities to hair color, L’Oréal Professionnel introduces Majirel GLOW. Create luminous, sheer color and prismatic shine. The no level, tone-focused formulas are easy to paint and mix for beautiful tones on light and dark bases. Customize for all clients and even recruit new customers to your business.

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Discover the Latest Innovation in Hair Color


Majirel GLOW is a new collection to create the next trend in hair color.

No level for luminosity: +50% more light reflection & 4x more translucency vs. Majirel Classic

With less base, you can also customize the luminosity, sheerness, and tone of your results.

High reflect concentration for neutralization

New! 12.5-vol. Developer launched to be used exclusively with GLOW!*

*12.5-vol. Developer not recommended for use with other Majirel shades.

Developer Pro Tips:
12.5-vol. for regrowth
20- & 30-vol. for mid-lengths and ends

Glow Up Your ServicesOn-Trend Results


Glow Up Color Services to Create the Next Trend in Hair Color:

Client: Haircut client new to color
Technique: Balayage or global, no need to pre-lighten
Result: Dimension, prismatic shine

2 GLOW Lights
Client: Existing Balayage or highlight client
Technique: Balayage, Foil highlights or lowlights on select pieces
Result: Tripled dimension, neutralization, prismatic shine

3 GLOW Refresh
Client: Existing color client
Technique: Global or pull-through mid-lengths and ends
Result: Refreshed tone and neutralization without added depth, prismatic shine

4 GLOW Revision
Client: Color correction client
Technique: Global color correction
Result: Extreme neutralization, uniformity, and prismatic shine from root to tip

Mix creatively! Use shades alone, mix with other GLOW shades, or mix with your Majirel Classic formulas.