French Browns

The latest innovation from Majirel – a triple tone numbering system – French Browns was created to offer soft, chic, brunette shades. These new favorites make every client feel like a cool French girl. Create beautiful brunette shades with French Browns

French Girl Chic

Learn the formulas and techniques needed to create this beautiful French Girl Chic look for your millennial clients looking for an effortless result. Yes, Majirel permanent hair color is even for your younger clients. View French Girl Chic Technique

Cool Red

Be inspired to create a new red look for the modern professional woman in your chair. Warm it up in a cool way with our Artist’s formula and technique. View Cool Red Technique

Treat Your Loyal Clients

Mix up a new formula for your most loyal clients to keep them feeling their best – and on-trend! Discover how to brighten up a look while adding beautiful depth and dimension. Create this Sunkissed Look with Majirel