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Our Serie Expert Powermix in-salon treatment is an essential, transformative treatment with formulas available for key client hair concerns. The technology is a unique combination of a base liquid and additive liquid that are mixed to create a lighweight, creamy formula. With a high concentration of pure ingredients, the hair is instantly transformed.

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Client OfferingsFor Every Need

We have Powermix offerings for all of your clients' needs.

Powermix Color: The client who is looking for radiant shine to enhance their color service.

Powermix Repair: The client who is looking for repair to damaged, very dry hair.

Powermix Force
: The client who performs damage-prone habits and is looking to prevent breakage and damage.

Powermix Liss: The client who needs manageability and protection against frizz.

Powermix Nutri: The client who is looking for intense hydration.

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Micellar Technology

The combination of rich conditioning agents for intense nutrition and a water base that brings lightness and shine. This technology brings a unique masque that nourishes without weighing down.

The Secret to Treatment Success? The Client Diagnosis

Start with a client consultation before every service to increase likelihood of add-on treatments and retail purchases.

Follow these simple steps:
1. Engage in a Q + A
Ask your client what his or her ideal hair day looks like.

2. Touch & Brush
Touch the hair to feel the quality. Brush to see how the hair moves.

3. Assess the Scalp
Part hair to assess the scalp for signs of stress, damage, etc.

4. Discuss & Recommend
Share your findings and recommend a Powermix Treatment and at-home regimen.

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    Combine .17 fl.oz (5 ml) of base and .17 fl.oz. (5 ml) of one additive of choice into bowl. NOTE: The amount of base and additive mixture may increase or decrease based on the length and density of the hair.

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    Whisk with spatula until a gel-masque consistency forms.

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    Apply to client's hair. For best results, leave on for up to 5 minutes.

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Use Powermix to Grow Your Business!


Increase your revenue by $674*

*Assumes salon price per service at $25.

$674 profit = $25/service X 30 services - $76 (cost of 2 Powermix).

Cost per application- $2.53

Powermix FAQ

How does the Base and Additive liquids transform into a gel-mask? When mixed, the two liquids come together to form a beautiful gel-mask. The basis of this micellar technology is a particle called a micelle, which is made up of a head and tail. The head is hydrophilic (water loving) and the tail is lipophilic (oil loving). When combined, you get rich conditioning agents that bring intense hydration with aqueous particles that bring lightness and shine.

Why is the recommended dosage so low? 10ml or .34 fl.oz of product may not seem like a lot (5ml of base and 5ml of additive), but a little goes a long way with Powermix. Because the treatment is so concentrated (at 25%), you don’t need to apply a lot to get the benefits. However, if your client has overly thick hair you may need to apply more to saturate the entire head from mid-lengths to ends.

Why does the base smell like alcohol? The alcohol is what actually creates that chemical reaction of two liquids to mask. As the two mix into one, the alcohol dissipates into the air.

How is Powermix different from Powerdose? The application is different, but just as simple. The Powermix Base and Powermix Additive are mixed together in a bowl in front of the client to show the transformation from two liquids into a gel-mask. Then the stylist uses a professional gesture to apply the product onto the hair with her hands. This ensures the stylist (and client) know that the product has completely saturated the hair from mid-lengths to ends. (With Powerdose, stylists could not be positive that they had completely covered the hair.)

For full benefits and a complete experience, we recommend Powermix sit on the hair for up to 5 minutes.