Discover Tools & Tips toMERCHANDISE YOUR SALON


It’s no surprise that best-in-class merchandising helps to support and grow your salon’s retail business. By making your retail areas more educational and accessible, it allows your clients to easily navigate and shop in your salon.

Below you will find a clear guide on how to use our available merchandising pieces as well as do’s and don’ts of merchandising, suggested planograms and a turnkey In-Salon Promotions calendar.

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The DO'S and DON'TS of Merchandising

• Merchandise from Left to Right
Just like reading, your clients shop from left to right (not top to bottom). Make sure your shelves showcase product ranges from left to right: shampoo, conditioner, stylers, finishers.

• Keep Shelves Stocked
Your retail wall can feel like a museum (look, but don’t touch!) when you only display one of each product. By keeping shelves stocked, you invite your clients to touch and play as they explore your retail offering.

• Create Excitement with Display Tables
While your retail wall should stay fairly consistent to make it easy for returning clients to shop, a display table is a great option to display new and favorite products in engaging and interactive ways.

• Merchandise Different Brands Together
Do leave space between L’Oréal Professionnel and other brands on the shelf. With tiered pricing, you want to keep your clients purchasing at the premium level.

Display Travel Sizes Next to Full Size
• This encourages your clients to purchase the smallest size. Instead (if possible), place travel sizes in other retail areas, like the Front Desk, to encourage impulse purchases at checkout.

Place Backbar on the Retail Wall
• Always encourage your clients to purchase retail sizes and promote repurchase when they return to the salon for higher profit margins. Backbar sizes should be for the shampoo bowl only!


Featuring new products at reception is the best way to showcase your salon's favorite new products as they're checking in and remind them as they're checking out. Redeem Product Glorifier or Redeem Inserts


Focusing on top sellers alerts your clients to the best products and is a great opportunity to encourage purchases from first-time clients. Redeem Now


Make it easy for your clients to navigate the shelf by directing them to their hair need. Redeem Now


Nothing is more uncomfortable for a client than having to ask the price of a product. Display a price list eye level on the retail wall. Redeem Now
*For a customizable price list: Visit LP Plus


Plan to always have a new promotion every two months so there is something new every time the client comes into the salon. Place the frame at the front desk or on a display table to guarantee visibility. Redeem Now
*Includes 8 inserts to guarantee new promotions in the salon every 6-8 weeks.


Display these model image easels throughout your retail wall to break up rows of product and highlight inspirational hairstyles. Redeem Now
*Includes 3 easels to display throughout the retail wall.


Display your L'Oreal Professionnel logo block on the retail wall or front desk to promote the products you carry. Redeem Now


Use a L'Oreal Professionnel shopping bag to finish your client's service with a premium feel. Redeem Now

In-Salon Promotions Calendar

Merchandising-Best-Practices-In-Salon Promotions Calendar-920x1296

Announce new promotions with the in-salon promotion frame and inserts. Follow our suggested calendar to switch out your promotion frame inserts and always have new promotions every time your clients visit the salon! Redeem Now

Making Shopping SeamlessWith These Suggested Planograms


SERIE EXPERT OnlyPlanogram


4 Feet Wide, 4 Shelves High

SERIE EXPERT OnlyPlanogram


2 Feet Wide, 4 Shelves High

TECNI.ART Only Planogram


1 Feet Wide, 4 Shelves High