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Source Essentielle Consultation Tips

How to Recommendthe Right Regimen


If you have clients looking for more natural products that don’t sacrifice professional results, look no further than Source Essentielle. The haircare line’s naturally-derived formula is vegan and excludes sulfates, parabens and silicones. With beautiful natural fragrances and a satisfying, gentle lather, the line creates a sensorial experience at the shampoo bowl. Since the line is sulfate-free, all of the shampoos are perfect for your color-treated clients.


The line offers 6 products that all provide very specific results based on the client’s hair concerns and hair type. Follow our simple consultation guide to find the right regimen for each Source Essentielle client!

Natural vs Traditional Hair Care

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    Source Essentielle: Client looking for cleaner, more natural offering. Example: No sulfates, no silicones, Vegan

    Serie Expert: Client looking to solve a hair problem. Example: Damaged hair

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    Source Essentielle: Gentle lather

    Serie Expert: Rich lather

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    Source Essentielle: Light hydration and shine, more natural feel

    Serie Expert: Soft and silky, more topical feel

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Source Essentielle Talking Points

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    • Are you looking for a more natural product?

    • Do you care about products that are sustainable?

    • Do you have any ingredient concerns in your hair care? (i.e. sulfate-free, paraben-free, silicone-free, vegan)

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    Describe the difference in Application:
    • Source shampoos have a less dramatic lather than a traditional shampoo. A dramatic lather does not guarantee cleaner hair.

    • Because this product is sulfate-free, it will not have as dramatic a lather.

    • The shampoo will have less slip when massaging into the scalp due to the silicone-free formula.

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    Describe the difference in Finish:
    • The hair will have lightweight hydration, a natural shine and softness.

    • Because the products are silicone-free, the hair finish will be different from what you expect from more traditional haircare lines.

    • Bring your hair back to its natural state! After multiple uses at home, your hair will return to its pre-silicone feel.

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The Hair Care ConsultationQuestions to Ask

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To understand which client is right for Source Essentielle, it’s important to ask the right questions during the consultation. Understand his or her hair needs and concerns as well as product preferences before deciding whether he or she is right for Source Essentielle or SERIE EXPERT.