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Your glossiest blonde ever DIA Light Milkshakes

13 shades, unlimited blondes. The DIA Light Milkshake collection allows you to completely customize each and every blonde client who sits in your chair! The best part? Processing only takes 2-10 minutes. If you’re not using DIA Light, discover why you should.


Handpicked by  Our expert

Sebastian Langman-Kirtley

L’Oréal Professionnel Artist
Instagram @sebastiancolorist

As a Balayage specialist, DIA Light Milkshakes are my go to gloss for blondes. Because the acidic base imitates the pH of hair, Milkshakes refine the highlight tone without shifting the natural base color. Typically, I tone on damp hair with 6 or 9 volume developer.

The Milkshake portfolio has a beautiful, wide range of tones. I can create endless results, from icy platinum to champagne or rose gold. The results are always delicate, predictable and never overpowering. I could not get through a day at the salon without DIA Light Milkshakes!



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