Your glossiest blonde ever DIA Light Milkshakes

13 shades, unlimited blondes. The DIA Light Milkshake collection allows you to completely customize each and every blonde client who sits in your chair! The best part? Processing only takes 2-10 minutes. If you’re not using DIA Light, discover why you should.


Handpicked by Our expert


Chelsea Vonne James

L’Oréal Professionnel Artist
Instagram: @chelseavonnejames

#COLORFULHAIR FLASH is fun make-up for hair that you can try out on anyone! It doesn’t transfer onto clothes or skin, it looks great on any hair type or hair color, and it isn’t limited to any type of person or occasion. Flash is an opportunity for an add-on service, so for the pro we can make more money and personalize a service for anyone in our chair and for our clients, it’s an opportunity to try something new and have fun with the way they style their hair. This guarantees repeat business.

The best tip for #COLORFULHAIR FLASH is to add Mythic Oil into the pigment mixture. This really makes the product shine and easy to work with.



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