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Find our latest products, trends, business tools, and industry highlights in our monthly professional publication for L'Oréal Professionnel salons and artists.

About Unique Art

Unique Art is the go-to professional publication for all things L'Oréal Professionnel. From hair care, hair color, and styling product launches to upcoming trends, salon features, and how to redeem your Level Loyalty rewards. Unique Art is L'Oréal Professionnel’s consistent and detailed way of letting our salons and artists know what is going on in the professional hair industry.

June Unique Art

  • Majirel Cool Cover: The Perfect Solution for Tough Haircolor Challenges
  • Introducing 2 New Stylers: Tecni.Art Transformers
  • Salon Success with Michael Angelo Salon
  • Transform Your Salon with New Digital Tools

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Unique Art May 2019

May Unique Art

  • L’Oreal Professionnel: Coloring the world for 110 years
  • Rediscover Majirel and Live the Difference with INOA
  • Maximize Your Creative Freedom with DIA
  • Transform Your Styling Station with Tecni.Art
  • Salon Success Story from Annastasia Salon

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April 2019

April Unique Art

  • Fight Brass, Fight Fade, and Fight White with Majirel Cool Cover
  • Celebrate Earth Day with Source Essentielle
  • Customize Your Blondes with DIA Light Milkshakes
  • Grow Your Business with In-Salon Treatments

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March Unique Art

  • NEW Source Essentielle
  • Grow Your Business with the Source Essentielle Refill System
  • Celebrate 110 Years of L’Oreal Professionnel
  • Build Your Ammonia-Free Business with INOA
  • New in-salon Correction System From Serie Expert

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February Unique Art

  • Improve Client Loyalty with INOA
  • New! Majirel High Resist
  • Introducing Source Essentielle
  • Become an Expert in All Things L’Oreal Professionnel

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January Unique Art

  • Painting with INOA: Balayage Ambré
  • New Source Essentielle- Coming March 2019
  • Grow Client Business with Serie Expert
  • The Salon Emotion Client Journey

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UA-Dec 2018 (1)

December Unique Art

  • New Shade! #COLORFULHAIR FLASH: Silver Lining
  • Spray Your Way to Holiday Style
  • Celebrating the L’Oreal Professionnel Color Successes
  • Introducing Source Essentielle

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Nov 2018 Cover

November Unique Art

  • Make a Statement with Parisian Cool Color
  • Introducing Serie Expert Blondifier
  • Professionnel On The Go: Travel Sizes
  • Beyond the Chair featuring Studio Seven Salon

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October Unique Art

  • Mix It Up with New DIA Milkshake Shades
  • An Innovative Blonding Icon- Instant Highlights
  • New Tecni.Art Available Now
  • Gift Paris for the Holidays
  • The Perfect Match to Hair Color- Hair Touch Up
  • Beyond the Chair featuring Revive Salon

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September Unique Art

  • New #COLORFULHAIR FLASH Pro Hair Make-Up
  • Control Your Style with New Tecni.Art
  • Gift Paris for the Holidays
  • Beyond the Chair featuring Joel Warren, The Salon Project

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August Unique Art

  • Fight Brass with Majirel Cool Cover and INOA High Resist
  • Go Beyond the Gloss with the DIA Inspiration Guide
  • Gift Paris for the Holidays with the 2018 Holiday Kits
  • Countdown to Hair Fashion Week
  • Tips on How to Succeed in a Retail-Saturated Environment from Zazu Salons

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July Unique Art

  • Introducing Blond Studio Instant Highlights
  • Get to know the Serie Expert Silver Regimen
  • Bring Hair Fashion Week to your salon
  • Explore the Academy Total Look classes
  • Tips on how to develop your salon culture from Jeff Brown, co-owner of Kenneth Brown Salon

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Unique Art June 2018

June Unique Art

  • Introducing Serie Expert Silver Shampoo
  • Bring Hair Fashion Week to your salon
  • Harness the power of the L'Oréal Professionnel color portfolio
  • New #COLORFULHAIR shades in pinks & violets
  • Tips on how to grow your business from Diana Gordon, owner of Ketér Salon

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May Unique Art

  • Color Addict: Get Smitten with Shimmers
  • Get ready for Hair Fashion Week
  • Discover the Salon Emotion program
  • Beyond the Chair featuring Warren Tricomi

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Unique Art April 2018

April Unique Art

  • Serie Expert Perfect Salon Benefits
  • Warm up this Spring with Hair Touch Up New Shades
  • New DIA Swatchbook
  • Tecni.Art Hairspray Month

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Unique Art March 2018

March Unique Art

  • Color Me French: The Parisian Nudes Collection Featuring Alexa Chung
  • New #COLORFULHAIR Shades for a Complete and Streamlined Palette
  • New Style My Hair App Technology
  • Beyond the Chair featuring Blanc Noir Hairdressing

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February Unique Art

  • Mad About Metals: The Complete Collection featuring Majirel Metals
  • Silver for All: Signature Silver Formulas
  • Prep, Treat, Style with Serie Expert
  • Beyond the Chair featuring Julius Michael Scarsdale Hair Salon

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January Unique Art

  • Trend Alert: Silver Hair
  • Prep, Treat, Style with Serie Expert
  • Serie Expert sell-through tools
  • Beyond the Chair featuring: H Studio

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November/December Unique Art

  • The Complete Serie Expert Portfolio featuring Inforcer, Nutrifier, Volumetry, and Lumino Contrast
  • Holiday kits and retail tips
  • Blond Studio & #COLORFULHAIR looks
  • INOA Fall/Winter IT Looks shades

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October Unique Art

  • New Tecni.Art Hollywood Waves launch
  • Holiday kits and offerings
  • INOA Fall/Winter IT Looks trends and shades
  • Majirel holiday looks
  • Smartbond sell-thru tools

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