Root Concealer

Hair Touch Up Warm Brown


  • 7 shades

Instant Coverage Root Concealer


  • Natural results
  • No line of demarcation
  • Blends with levels 1 through 9


  • Lasts 1 shampoo


✔ Make-Up pigments

✔ Silicone-base

✔ Precision Applicator

Hair Touch Up is a fast and simple way to cover greys temporarily. It lasts 1 shampoo and blends naturally. You or the client can target the grey re-growth areas with the product's precision applicator.

The silicone-based formula and professional makeup pigments blend with and respect your client's existing hair color. Hair Touch Up is now available in 7 shades allowing you to color match for more hair colors.

You can easily choose your client's perfect Hair Touch Up shade with the help of our Stylist Consultation Tool and guide them in how to use it for the best results.

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7 shades

  1. 1

    Identify grey hair

    Part your client's hair to show the grey roots you want to temporarily cover.

    PRO TIP: Stylist/client consultation is key to choosing the perfect color match.

  2. 2

    Apply hair touch up

    Shake well, hold precision applicator 4-6 inches away, and spray onto grey hair. PRO TIP: Spray parted hairline from front to back, let dry. Reapply for added coverage.

  3. 3

    Style as usual

    Professional makeup pigments blend with and respect existing haircolor. PRO TIP: Wait until hair is fully dry before styling.

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Root Concealer

Hair Touch Up Warm Brown